3 Things to Take With You on the Journey to Good Health

It’s a road that’s becoming more traveled now, what with all the emphasis on weight and the need to prevent disease. Even so, not many people do it the right way – they know they must take the road the good health, but they don’t know what to pack for the journey ahead. And because of this foresight, they sometimes lose their way or are stranded by the wayside not knowing how to proceed. So if you’re taking the road to good health, here are a few things you need to take along:

• Common sense: Most people leave this behind when they start to diet and exercise. And this is why they starve themselves and/or exercise too much. First of all, starvation leads to a slowdown of your metabolism, so you’re doing more harm than good by skipping meals and going without food. Second, when you exercise without providing your body fuel for energy, you risk losing muscle mass which is again responsible for boosting your metabolism. And third, when you take on much more than you can handle in the long run (go on an extreme diet and exercise strenuously and for a long time), you risk giving it up altogether in a very short period of time.

• Patience: If you’re looking to lose weight in a healthy way, slow and steady always wins the race. When you push your body beyond its limits, you’re only heading down the injury road. So don’t punish yourself in an attempt to get slim fast; rather, stick to your exercise and diet plan, and watch the pounds disappear over the months. Besides, when you learn to be patient on the road to good health, you tend to stay on it for life rather than burning out before the halfway mark and dropping by the wayside.

• Willpower: Temptation will attempt to seduce you along the way, but if you have willpower by your side, there’s nothing to fear. You may feel like binging on foods that you love but which are not good for you, you may feel like throwing the towel in when it comes to your exercise program, and you may crave those cigarettes and alcohol that you swore off when you started this journey – but with willpower along for the ride, you can push aside these temptations and keep going on, getting healthier by the day.

Remember, good health cannot be obtained in a day, and this means that there are no shortcuts on the road to good health. But it’s a wonderful journey to make, if only because of the myriad rewards you gain as you go along – a great body, good health, and peace of mind.

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