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3 Things to Take With You on the Journey to Good Health

It’s a road that’s becoming more traveled now, what with all the emphasis on weight and the need to prevent disease. Even so, not many people do it the right way – they know they must take the road the good health, but they don’t know what to pack for the journey ahead. And because of this foresight, they sometimes lose their way or are stranded by the wayside not knowing how to proceed. So if you’re taking the road to good health, here are a few things you need to take along:

Over The Counter Supplements- What's the right dose?

It is becoming common practice for physicians to recommend over the counter supplements to their patients when medication therapy, diet, and exercise alone have failed in the management of several disease states. The one thing patients do not know is that to achieve therapeutic concentrations of these compounds, they need to read carefully the supplement information label often found in the back of the bottle.

Child's Health/Specific Problems Behaviours: Breath-Holding

Breath-holding is one of the most frightening of all childhood behaviours. It is most disconcerting for parents to see a child suddenly stop breathing, often ending up limp and unconscious. It is often difficult to reassure parents that no harm comes to these youngsters. Breath-holding occurs in about 5% of children, generally between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, though it is in the young toddler age group that it is the most common.


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